About Us

The Fort Collins EFT Community was founded by Dr. Tasha Seiter, EFT Therapist, hoping to bring clinicians of this method together to continue connecting and learning together. Jonathan Zalesne, the sole fully certified EFT therapist in Fort Collins, joined the team as clinical supervisor, leading supervision groups to enhance the therapeutic skills of the Fort Collins EFT community. Veronica Walton, EFT Therapist, is also a member of our team. You can find out more information about us below.

Tasha Seiter, MFTC, MS, PhD- EFT Therapist, Founder

About Tasha: www.TashaSeiterTherapy.com

Contact Tasha: https://TashaSeiterTherapy.com/contact/

Jonathan Zalesne, Certified EFT Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

About Jonathan:  https://coloradocouples.com/about-jonathan/

Contact Jonathan: https://coloradocouples.com/contact/

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Veronica Walton, EFT Therapist, Fort Collins EFT Community Committee Member

About Veronica: https://heartcenteredcounselors.com/provider/veronica-walton/

Contact Veronica: https://www.zocdoc.com/wl/hcc/professional/veronica-walton-ms-mftc-301440?isNewPatient=true

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